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Ben Sledge, Wounded Combat Veteran, Writer, Communicator & Storyteller.Christa Hicks Bio

A second-generation trafficking victim, Christa's early years were filled with poverty, sexual abuse and parental drug addiction. At 27 she had a daughter, repeating the life into which she was born. From jail in 2002, Christa felt the love of God bestowing "the gift of surrender."

After earning her BA from Florida Gulf Coast University, she graduated with her MA in counseling from Liberty University in 2012. Christa became a licensed therapist in the state of Florida and founded Into the Jordan Ministries (ITJ), a center for exploited women.

After 5 years of serving as Director at Into the Jordan, Christa recently took a position with the Florida Baptist Children’s Homes as Executive Director of The Porch Light. The Porch Light provides outreach, advocacy and mentoring to children and young adults in Central Florida as well as a safe home where child victims find physical and emotional healing.

Christa, as well as the team and survivors at Into the Jordan, are grateful and excited for the opportunity for her to impact Florida in a greater way by sharing the approach of respect, grace, and boundaries that she developed over the past few years.

In all she does, she strives to provide a family atmosphere where survivors of trafficking pursue healing and empowerment through the love of God and build dream-worthy lives.